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How To Be With An Escort

So you have booked your very first escort. Congrats! You are going to have the time of your life. But how should you go about acting around her? You know, since she's like a paid girlfriend and obviously she is going to have a completely different moral compass than any other woman on the planet. Right? Um, no, not at all. Just because her profession is "escort" does not mean she is suddenly in a different class as other women in regards to how they like to be treated. So, before your date, just make sure to brush up on your escort etiquette ahead of time.

Treat Them Like You'd Treat You're Mother

Ok, well this isn't exactly the case. We won't even get into some of those aspects, but ultimately, you want to treat your escort with respect. Women always like it if a guy opens the door for them (yeah, just because you have a car remote doesn't excuse you from opening the door for them), let them enter first and other basic acts of a gentleman. You don't need to present her with flowers when you meet up (because where is she going to put them?), but just treat her right. Far too many guys think that just because a woman is an escort that they are just immune to improper behavior. Not the case. You can adjust as the two of you feel each other out over the course of the date, but always keep this in mind.

She's Not a Stripper

Probably being one of the best escorts Vegas has to offer, sure, she can give you one hell of a strip show. But that doesn't mean you can just dive in face first and start mauling her in public. Not a good look and not a great way to help yourself out later on in the date. Let her initiate the contact and go from there. If you know you can get a bit more hands on then go with the flow. But don't just pick her up and start groping her (and FYI, strippers don't appreciate guys just going hands on unless they are in the middle of a dance, and even then it is more feeling out what can happen).

Don't Expect Sex

Sure, you paid for her time. You don't just give her cash to bend over and blow you on the cab ride over. That would be prostitution and then both of you could be busted should a cob be around. This is something you need to feel your way around, but just just assume you're getting action and whip it out on the car ride over to dinner.

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