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Vegas Strippers

Whats The Difference?

So a stripper and an escort is the same thing, right? No, not exactly. An escort can be a stripper at times, yet vary rarely can a stripper be an escort. There are different elements to each and while each are working professionals, one typically does not completely do the full job of the other (there can be some crossover, but not much). So what is the difference and what is right for you? Just read through the comparison to find out.

The Lap Dance and Striptease

Both individuals can provide a lap dance and striptease in a private location. The quality of the dance and striptease really depends on the individual, as each person is different. So, it is impossible to say one is better than the other (strippers typically perform these more often, if that means anything to you). However, for a stripper, this is more or less the extent of their services. They get naked, they provide a lap dance. There might be a few other services here or there, but for the most part, that is what they do. Escorts, on the other hand, offer other services.

City Entertainment

Maybe you want to grab dinner. Perhaps you want to check out a show or just walk around town. If that is something you want, an escort is what you are looking for. Can you hire a stripper to do this? Sure, but it is not the same. Strippers are great at what they do, but they do not necessarily have the same conversation skills or can relate in these types of situations. Can a plumber do electrical work? Maybe some, but you should probably call an electrician if you really need it. The same is true with an escort and a stripper. Do you need someone to show you around town and be there with you every step of the way? Then you should probably go with the stunning and sensual Las Vegas escorts.

Girlfriend Experience

Strippers are tipped for stripping, dancing, perhaps an oil massage (depending on the stripper and what they offer), but they are not there to play girlfriend. Escorts are. A girlfriend experience is essentially the perfect girlfriend with you for however long you decide. None of that boring work talk or complaining about how so and so is a mouth breather and it dives her crazy. None of that. No meeting of parents or anything else that frightens you. It is just a beautiful women at your side. The finer side of having a girlfriend. Escorts can provide these services, while strippers don't.

Keep all of this in mind when deciding on who is right for you.

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